Second Monday Artists

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Welcome to the Second Monday Artists website!

We are a group of local artists who meet and collaborate on the second Monday of every month.  Please join us, we are a friendly bunch of all artistic levels and interests.    The philosophy of Second Monday Artists is that art should be accessible to all, both the appreciation of fine art and the creation of fine art.  The organization is open to all adult persons(16 years and up) at all levels of development interested in art.   To that end, area experts are brought in to speak to artists about a variety of media covering both technique and the business of art. 

Second Monday Artists began in 2005 by Anita Saviko.   At the meetings, artists shared their ideas, their work and invited a local artists to speak at the meetings.   Since the first meeting, Second Monday has maintained its policy of keeping things simple.   Members pay $5 at the door when they come to a monthly meetings.   There is no obligation to pay annual dues or to pay for meetings not attended.   If you come to a meeting and give the treasurer your e-mail/address and phone number, you are a member.   The group works to exhibit members’ work in venues that are welcoming and inclusive.   An exhibit at Williamston Theater in Williamston is such a venue.